Advantages and disadvantages of child support grant.

I’ve decided to make a post about child support grant. This post will focus on advantages and disadvantages of Child support grant, a grant that is paid by government to parents who are can’t afford to support their children as a result of unemployment or poverty. The grant is normally earned by teens who fall pregnant at an early age.

As I said in the intro, the first advantage is that some mothers cannot afford to support their children usually as a result of unemployment or because they are too young to be employed.  Therefore, they need the grant to support their children.
The second advantage is that it assists single mothers who are left abandoned by fathers of their children since there are irresponsible men out there who abandon their children.
The final advantage is the reduction of the number of babies who are abandoned and killed by their parents. There are many mothers who end up committing infanticide because of poverty and not wanting to take responsibility of their babies. The grant could reduce the infanticide rate.

The first disadvantage is that it fuels teenage pregnancy. As anyone can see that teenage pregnancy has increased dramatically in many countries due to social grant. Many teenagers take the responsibility of abstaining from sex or having a protected sex because they rely on government to assist them.
The second disadvantage is that it might increase the spread of HIV since the more likely teenagers fall pregnant the more likely they are to be infected.
The third disadvantage is the increment of government spending since  government has to spend  money on child support grant because of irresponsible people who have unplanned babies.
The final disadvantage is overpopulation since the more number of babies are born the more the population increases.

It seems as if there are more disadvantages that advantages of child support grant. In many countries teenage pregnancy was not a serious problem until the implementation of child support grant. But does this mean that child support grant must be banned? This hard to decide. What do you think?