United Kingdom vs United States of America

United States of America and United Kingdom are western countries that are among the greatest countries in the world. People from UK argue that UK is better that USA. On the other hand, people from USA argue that USA is better than UK. Here is their comparison according to their area, population, Human Development Index, Gross Domestic Production (PPP), Gross Domestic Production (PPP) Per Capita, Gross National Production (PPP) and Gross National Production (PPP) per capita.




UK. : 243,610 square kilometers
USA: 9,826,675 square kilometers

UK. : 64,105,700 on July 1 2013
USA: 318,315,000 on July 2 2014

UK. : 255.6 people/square kilometres in 2013
USA: 34.2 people/square kilometres in 2014

UK. : $813,200,000,000
USA: $1,575,000,000,000

GDP (in 2014)
UK. : $2,497,000,000,000
USA: $17,528,000,000,000

GDP Per Capita ( in 2014)
UK. : $38,711
USA: $54,980

GNP  (according to world bank in 2013).
UK. : $2,292,228,243,046
USA: $17,057,500,000,000

GNP Per Capita (according to world bank in 2013).
UK. : $35,760 .
USA: $53,960

HDI (2012 estimates published on March 14 2013)
UK. : 0.875
USA: 0.937

USA beats UK in terms of area, density, export, GDP, GDP Per Capita, GNP, GNP Per Capita and HDI. Its areas is more than 40 times bigger, exports are approximately 2 time bigger, GDP is 7 times bigger, GNP is 7.4 times bigger, density is approximately 0.13 times smaller, GDP per capita is $16,269 more, GNP per Capita is $18,200 more and HDI is 0,062 more than of UK.However, UK only beats USA in terms of population as its population is approximately 1/5 time smaller than of USA.
Comment below if there is any methodology that must be used to compare these two countries.


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