South African Land Grabbers are Now Killing Their Own.

First of all, I didn’t know how to begin this post and I had a hard time in writing it. What I’m about to discuss is one of the most deplorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Things are happening in South Africa. Recently a father tried to kill his own six month old daughter because he was trying to stop the police from demolishing his shack for illegal occupation. It’s even worse. The people who live in that area agree with this man since they are chanting for the evil actions of this man. Fortunately, the police were able to catch the child before it fell on the ground.  This vermin is gonna face charges of attempted murder. The point of this post is not to discuss the horrible actions of this man but to discuss how the land grabbers are cannibalizing their own. I also put links to the news websites below about the story of this sick man.

These people like, “We can’t take it anymore and we will use all means necessary to get our land back”. In other words, they would kill their own children to get their land back from “European invaders”. Probably you are familiar with these words, “we want the land that was stolen by white people colonizers”. This is exactly what they are now doing. These poor people would do anything to get their land back, including killing their own children. This is what happens when you have so much hatred. I’m not gonna say anything if they just hates whites but, seriously, are they gonna murder their own children to get their land back?

Anyone who is familiar with South African politics of land expropriation can see that this man together with his people were political motivated. Since the land redistribution is going very slowly these people decided to take extreme actions. That’s why this vermin tried to kill his own daughter. I wander what’s next. Maybe more people are gonna be killed in order to get the land back.–father-who-flung-his-daughter-off-shack-roof-to-be-charged–father-throws-baby-off-roof/




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