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Advantages and disadvantages of child support grant.

Advantages and disadvantages of child support grant..


Advantages and disadvantages of child support grant.

Child support grant is a grant that is paid by government to mothers who are unemployed and can’t afford to feed their children. It’s usually earned by girls who fall pregnant at an early age.

•Some mothers cannot afford to feed their children usually as a result of unemployment: Therefore the grant can assist them.
•It assists single mothers who are left abandoned by fathers of their children since there are fathers who abandon their children .
•It reduces number of babies who are abandoned and killed by their parents. Many mothers kill their new born babies as a result of poverty and not wanting to take responsibility of their babies.

•It fuels teenage pregnancy as you can see that teenage pregnancy has increased dramatically. Teenagers don’t abstain from sex or have a protected sex because they know that government will assist them.
•It increases spread of HIV as teenagers don’t abstain from sex and have protected sex: therefore they have many changes of being infected with HIV.
•It increases government spending and reduces GDP because government has to spend millions on child support grant.
•A country can be overpopulated. The more number of babies are born the more population increases.

What will happen when HIV cure is discovered?

Just image what will happen when the cure for HIV is discovered. It will save those who are infected. No one will be a victim of HIV/AIDS, but at the same time there will be consequences of discovery of HIV cure, namely rape, sexual immorality, teenage pregnancy, overpopulation and divorce. Consequence of HIV cure will be discussed since there would be more consequences than advantages.
Rape cases have increased dramatically when they’re compared with those of previous years. Nowadays more females are raped and many girls are not only raped by strangers but they are also raped by their own fathers and uncles. It’s such an abomination that modern fathers rape their own daughters. So who’s gonna protect young girls as they are raped by their own fathers? How can a human being behave like this? Where is a father’s love? Not only females are raped but males also are raped by other males, especially young boy. It’s apparent that people won’t be afraid to rape anyone if the cure for HIV is discovered since some rapists are afraid of HIV as it is incurable.
Some modern people have become sexual immoral as there are people who commit Incest and bestiality. Fathers have sexual relationship with their daughters, mothers have sexual relationship with their sons and brothers have sexual relationship with their sisters. I heard about a girl who was impregnated by her own father. I read a story on Facebook about a widow who was impregnated by her own son. Her son reminded her of her deceased husband and one day she lusted after her own son and had sex with him. And I heard about a girl who was impregnated by her own brother and she now cohabits with him. Some married men who have children cheat on their wives by having sexual relationship with homosexuals and cohabit with them. Even animals have become sex objects as some people commit bestiality with their pets. People will be more sexually immoral when the cure is discovered since HIV is a threat to their sexual immorality.
Teenage pregnancy has increased dramatically and become acceptable in other societies. Other parents don’t mind if their children fall pregnant at an early age. In other societies you look like an idiot if you don’t have a child at the age of eighteen, especially in Africa. Almost every teenager will be a parent when the cure is discovered.
World population is increasing each year and number of births is greater than number of deaths. More babies can be born if there no incurable sexually transmitted infection and teenage pregnancy will definitely increase. How many babies will be born when the cure is discovered?
Modern people don’t respect marriage. They just divorce without a serious reason. The more people commit sexual immorality as a result of HIV cure the more number of divorces increases. And many children will be raised by single parents.
It is now apparent that discovery of HIV cure will bring more consequences than advantages because of immorality of people in this world.

Why Africa is the poorest countinent?

Many people wonder why Africa is the poorest continent in the world. Africa is rich in resources but it is the poorest continent because it contains the poorest countries. You can see the list of top ten poorest countries that it contains African countries despite the fact that developed countries such as USA donate millions of dollars to Africa. Other people from western countries don’t even know that Africa is a continent. They think it’s just a huge poor country. Most people in Africa live under poverty line and die because of famine and diseases caused by undernourishment. Below are the reasons for poverty in Africa.

1. colonization
Many African countries were colonized by some European countries in order to take over and steal resources. Those european countries developed from African resources. This is one of the biggest reasons why Africa is the poorest country.

2. Corruption
Most Africa politicians are very corrupt, arrogant and egocentric. The only thing they do is serve their own bellies instead of serving their people, especially the poor. The duty of politicians is to serve their countries not themselves. Their actions pressurize innocent politicians and retards development in Africa. Many people from African poorest countries die as a result of famine and undernourishment as I mentioned before. I saw a woman from Swaziland on TV eating cow dung because of hunger. She ate it because she had nothing to eat and had to take her medicine. It is such a shame that a birthplace of human race has become a world’s poorest continent as a result of greedy people.

3. Lack of progress in scientific knowledge
Another reason why africa is the poorest continent is that Africans didn’t manage to progress in scientific knowledge like Europeans and Asians did. There is no famous African scientist. Lack of scientific knowledge in Africa makes it hard for Africa to develop. We all know that some Europeans colonized many African countries but we can’t deny the fact that almost all Africa wasn’t civilized before Europeans came.

4. Lack of technologically advanced machinery
Most African countries don’t have advanced machinery to process resources into final goods. Every time they have to export their resources to other countries and import final goods from those countries. This doesn’t boost economies of African countries but it boosts economies of other countries. More employment opportunities are created in other countries instead of African countries and more income (GDP) is earned by those countries instead of African countries.

In the past we could blame colonizers but now we have to blame those greedy corrupt egocentric African politicians because they are responsible for making Africa poor. They worsen poverty in Africa instead of fighting it.