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Discovered planets in 2013


These are the planets discovered by NASA’s Kepler satellite. They are outside our solar system and suspected that they might host life. The first rightmost planet is earth. The other four planet are the discovered ones sorted according to their size bigger than of earth in the picture above.

The second rightmost planet is Kepler 62f 1.4 times (40%) bigger than earth and it orbits its star in 267.3 days.
The middle planet is Kepler 62e 1.6 times (60%) bigger than earth and it orbits its star in 122.4 days. Kepler 62e & 62f orbit a star, Kepler 62, that is smaller and cooler that the sun.

The second leftmost planet is Kepler 69c 1.7 times (70%) bigger than earth. Kepler-69c appears to orbit a star similar to Earth’s sun.
The first leftmost planet is Kepler 22b 2.4 times bigger that earth. Kepler-22b was announced in December 2011 while other three planets were announced in April 2013 and its host star is dimmer and cooler than the sun.