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South African Land Grabbers are Now Killing Their Own.

First of all, I didn’t know how to begin this post and I had a hard time in writing it. What I’m about to discuss is one of the most deplorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Things are happening in South Africa. Recently a father tried to kill his own six month old daughter because he was trying to stop the police from demolishing his shack for illegal occupation. It’s even worse. The people who live in that area agree with this man since they are chanting for the evil actions of this man. Fortunately, the police were able to catch the child before it fell on the ground.  This vermin is gonna face charges of attempted murder. The point of this post is not to discuss the horrible actions of this man but to discuss how the land grabbers are cannibalizing their own. I also put links to the news websites below about the story of this sick man.

These people like, “We can’t take it anymore and we will use all means necessary to get our land back”. In other words, they would kill their own children to get their land back from “European invaders”. Probably you are familiar with these words, “we want the land that was stolen by white people colonizers”. This is exactly what they are now doing. These poor people would do anything to get their land back, including killing their own children. This is what happens when you have so much hatred. I’m not gonna say anything if they just hates whites but, seriously, are they gonna murder their own children to get their land back?

Anyone who is familiar with South African politics of land expropriation can see that this man together with his people were political motivated. Since the land redistribution is going very slowly these people decided to take extreme actions. That’s why this vermin tried to kill his own daughter. I wander what’s next. Maybe more people are gonna be killed in order to get the land back.–father-who-flung-his-daughter-off-shack-roof-to-be-charged–father-throws-baby-off-roof/




The Regressive Left is Eating Itself: Cultural Appropriation.


Recently I came across a video by YouTuber named “Going to get ugly” where he discusses the regressive left eating its own. I wished I saw the video last year. The YouTuber discusses a Canadian politician who’s a leader of NDP party named Niki Ashton who was accused of cultural appropriation by Black Lives Matter (BLM) because she tweeted a part if Beyonce’s lyrics, “to the left to the left”. The vague signaling politician apologized to Black Lives Mater (BLM) and claimed to have deleted the so-called “offensive” tweet. See screenshots of BLM and Niki Ashton below.



I don’t see anything wrong with borrowing part of Beyonce’s lyrics in order to make a tweet, especially when you take into consideration the fact that she acknowledged Beyonce. I don’t consider this as cultural appropriation. Who even cares if it was cultural appropriation? The concept of cultural appropriation is just nonsense. Unfortunately, black lives matter decided to take offense from the tweet on behalf of beyonce. It’s not even Beyonce who’s offended by the tweet because BLM is an authoritarian movement than knows what is good for an individual like Beyonce. I would be fine BLM complains about a white musician using Beyonce’s lyrics without any acknowledgment. Of course, it’s plausible to complain about a someone using someone’s work without any acknowledgment. My point of writing this post is not to critic BLM but its to demonstrate how the regressive left is eating itself.

Anyone who knows Nikki Ashton definitely knows that she’s a radical leftist. If BLM activists accuse radical leftist like her then this tells you that the left is now cannibalizing itself. The idea of accusing someone of appropriating your culture just because they use part of lyrics of a black musician just to write a tweet, not to write a song for commercial gain, is quite absurd. According to BLM activists, Nikki did nothing but used her white privilege to exploit Beyonce’s work for her political gain. When she made this tweet she wasn’t aware of the concept of intersectional feminism and didn’t check her white privilege. She was not aware of how her privilege might might affect “the oppressed”.

If these BLM activists start to attack their white allies over trivial matters then who is gonna be their allies in future? I wander which white person on their right mind would join a cult like BLM that will inevitably attack him. To quote Sam Harris, “the left is irredeemable at this point”. I don’t know what the left has to save itself. Maybe this how the left will die.



Black panther endorses the alt right

Since the beginning of this year, I saw many people, especially pro blacks, bragging about how empowering the movie Black Panther is. When I watched the Black Panther retailer, the seemed to be quite interesting. But there is something I noticed about the meaning of the movie. The movie shares identical values with the alt-right. I wonder if these pro blacks realize that they are somehow endorsing the alt-right by supporting this movie? Panther and its role in endorsing the alt-right is what I would like to discuss in this post. I will also discuss how pro blacks and the so-called progressives share the same values with the alt-right.


Many pro blacks and the progressives hate the alt-right yet they support Black Panther. In American, pro blacks see the movie as black empowerment since they believe that they live in a racist society that keeps black people down. The movie black panther takes place in a fictional country called Wakanda. Wakanda is a black ethnostate located in Africa. Just like the alt-right ideal ethnostate, the country is a black homogeneous state that does not allow immigration from any country, including other African countries since Wakanda see other African countries as third world countries. It is also the most successful and technologically advanced country on the planet.

If the alt-right is so racist and evil then why the progressives and pro-blacks support Black Panther? Why would they support a movie that endorses the alt right? You would be surprised that the leader of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, considers this movie to be a perfect example of the alt-right ethnostate. Here is the video of the alt-right where Richard Spencer discusses Black Panther and Wakanda.

This movie is nothing more than a fantasy to me. Why don’t these pro blacks take a red pill or accept the reality and try to solve their problems by fixing their communities? Is it not better to accept the reality that living in a fantasy? Of course, the USA is far from being perfect and racism still exists there but the country has changed compared to its dark past. The abolition of slavery, civil rights movement, and protection of human right is found in the same country that is considered to be evil and racist.

To sum up this post, this movie should not be taken as black empowerment. It should be taken as any other fictional movie. Having a discussion about what to do to solve black problems is real empowerment, not a movie like Black Panther. There is a lot that can be done to help blacks folks rather than creating a fantasy.