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Is HIV Cure Discovered?

I know you won’t believe what I’m about to say. Although scientists claim that HIV is incurable, there are certain people around the world who claim that HIV is curable. I would not take this seriously if it was claimed by people from African countries since most of them are superstitious. Do we have to believe these people? In this short post, I will just discuss about these people who claim that they were cured of HIV.

On the blog post, What Will Happen When Cure for HIV is Discovered, 18 out of 20 people claim that were cured of HIV by spell casters. Five of them live in UK, four of them live in USA and other three live in the following countries: France, Pakistan and Mexico. These people are giving their testimony about what was done by spell casters.  They also claim that scientists have been proven wrong by these spell casters. Do we, as humans, have to solve our problems by science only or supernatural means as well? Is there another way of solving our problems other than science?

Are these people true or they just play games with us? Have we finally found a cure for HIV that killed millions of people? Thorough research must be done about this before we make a claim whether HIV cure is discovered or not. What is your opinion about this?